So far this year, Norway has exported 614,400 tonnes of salmon worth NOK 42 billion (£4.1 billion).

Norway to resume China trade as seafood sales rise

The value of Norway seafood sales soared by NOK 888 million (£82m) to NOK 7.6 billion (£700m) last month, fuelled by demand for salmon in Asia.

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The figure was up 13 per cent on the same month last year, although the year-on-year volume of seafood exports was static, at about 163,000 tonnes, according to the latest data from the Norwegian Seafood Council

So far this year, Norway has exported 1.1 million tonnes of seafood worth NOK 39 billion. Export volumes have increased by 3 per cent, while the year-on-year growth in value is NOK 3.2 billion or 9 per cent.

Growth in all commercial species

“In May, we saw growth in exports for all the major commercial species such as salmon, cod, haddock and saithe,” said Paul T Aandahl, analyst at the Norwegian Seafood Council. “In particular, demand for Norwegian salmon in Asia increased. This means that an increasing proportion of Norwegian salmon goes to raw consumption. The salmon price was NOK 70 per kg in May, which is the second highest price measured this year.”

377,000 tonnes of salmon exported this year

Per Sandberg, Norway’s minister of fisheries: "Formal agreement outlines the framework for salmon exports from Norway to China."

Norway exported 73,000 tonnes of salmon with a value of NOK 5.3 billion in May. The reduction in export volume to the EU was 6,150 tonnes, while the total decrease in volume was 3,800 tonnes or 5 per cent. The value increased by NOK 535 million or 11 per cent from May last year. So far this year, Norway has exported 377,000 tonnes of salmon worth NOK 26 billion.

While the average price for fresh whole salmon was NOK 60.17 per kg in May 2016, it had risen to NOK 69.98 per kg in May 2017. Poland, France and Denmark were the largest recipients of salmon exports from Norway in May.

Norway exported 2,900 tonnes of trout (down 43 per cent) to a value of NOK 236 million (down NOK 45 million) in May.

China exports resume

Meanwhile, Norway has agreed in principle to resume exports of farmed salmon to China after a seven-year trade conflict.

"For some weeks now there have been discussions between the food safety authorities in China and Norway on how we can ensure predictability for salmon exports from Norway to China," said Per Sandberg , Norway's fisheries minister. "I am pleased to announce that we today have signed a formal agreement, which outlines the framework for salmon exports from Norway to China."

The trade conflict had been triggered by the 2010 award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. A deal to resume exports had been expected after the two countries late last year reinstated full diplomatic relations.