Atlantic Sapphire is building a huge on-land facility in Miami in the United States. Photo: Atlantic Sapphire.

Skretting lands feed deal with Atlantic Sapphire

Skretting today announced that it has won the contract to supply on-land salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire with the majority of its feed for its facility in Denmark and “Bluehouse” farm in Miami, Florida from this month.

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In a press release, Atlantic Sapphire chief executive Johan Andreassen said: “Skretting has demonstrated a strong R&D foundation, and that was a key decision-making factor for us. We are excited to work in partnership to develop a salmon feed optimised for our Bluehouse technology.”

Skretting’s commercial director, Evy Vikene, said: “We are committed to providing Atlantic Sapphire with the very best, and this commitment extends beyond delivering optimised feed.

“Through Skretting’s RecircReady concept, Atlantic Sapphire will receive access to unrivalled support and service covering feed quality, monitoring, feeding, and technical expertise for optimal success and RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) feed efficiency.”

Filter loading

Skretting has implemented global RAS quality standards for a new range of feed products – collectively called RCX - dedicated for production in RAS. The company said the product range will be utilised to minimise the risk to water quality and filter loading of Atlantic Sapphire’s large-scale grow out facilities. 

Atlantic Sapphire operates an innovation and R&D centre in Langsand, Denmark, where it produces around 2,900 tonnes of Atlantic salmon a year.

It is currently constructing the first phase of its Bluehouse facility in Miami, which is projected to produce approximately 10,000 tonnes of salmon a year from the third quarter of next year.

It intends to produce up to 220,000 tonnes of salmon per year in Miami by 2030.