The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is designed to kick-start breakthrough innovation in animal nutrition.

Aquaculture innovators miss out in feed challenge final

Three companies which are developing solutions to problems faced by aquaculture and which made it to the final ten of the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge 2018 have lost out on first prize.

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Blue Lice's novel solution aims to improve fish welfare while increasing the quality and production rate of farmed salmon.

Stavanger-based Blue Lice developed a patent-pending system to attract, capture and contain sea lice before they affect farmed salmon aquaculture, saving costs and reducing the need for treatments.

Baltimore-headquartered VakSea developed a novel oral vaccine delivery platform for aquaculture, using insect larvae.

French start-up Inalve, meanwhile, specialises in the production of microalgae-based innovative products, which have high protein concentration and an amino acids composition equivalent to the fishmeal.

However, both lost out to Cytophage Technologies, which developed a synthetic cocktail of bacteriophage to prevent and treat infections like campylobacter, salmonella and E. coli in chickens.

Now in its second year, the Feed Tech Challenge 2018 received a total of 52 solutions from around the world, the majority coming from start-ups. All were given feedback from industry experts and scientists.