Pure Salmon is building on-land salmon farms in Japan (illustrated above), the US and France. The plants will include hatcheries and processing facilities. Image: Pure Salmon.

Pure Salmon chooses Benchmark Genetics to supply ova

Salmon ova producer Benchmark Genetics has signed a multi-year contract to supply on-land salmon farmer Pure Salmon in what Benchmark says could be its largest ever deal.

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Benchmark, which produces ova in Iceland and Norway, said in a press release that the contract’s potential volume represents more than 80 million eggs per annum at full capacity, with first delivery of ova expected in 2022.

The agreement also formalises a strategic collaborative partnership focusing on continuous product development and R&D.

260,000 tonnes a year

Pure Salmon, owned by aquaculture investment company 8F Asset Management, intends to eventually produce 260,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon annually in 10,000 and 20,000 tonne capacity recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facilities worldwide.

The first phase of its construction plan includes sites in Japan, the United States and France. The next phase consists of the construction and operation of farms in China, South-East Asia and the United Arab Emirates, where Pure Salmon has its head office.

David Cahill: Benchmark has a "proven record of supply".

Broodstock on land

David Cahill, Pure Salmon’s head of production, said securing supplies of salmon ova is of key importance for the realisation and success of the company’s ambitious plans.

“We have chosen Benchmark Genetics as our partner due to their proven record of supply to customers worldwide. Also, the fact that their production system of holding broodstock on land the entire life cycle secures the highest levels of biosecurity in the industry.”

Benchmark Genetics commercial director Geir Olav Melingen said that to meet the contractual requirements of supply, services and support, Benchmark Genetics is significantly increasing production capacity in Iceland by building a new incubation centre to be in operation this summer.

RAS expertise

Benchmark Genetics has also hired two new dedicated team members within the commercial team with specific competencies and experience with farming in RAS.

Other recent contract announcements for Benchmark Genetics include:

  • A five-year deal with Nordic Aqua Partners, which is building an on-land salmon farm in Ningbo, China.
  • A five-year deal to supply World Heritage Salmon (WHS), which plans to produce Atlantic salmon in discontinued olivine mines in Sunnylvsfjorden, Norway.
  • A seven-year deal to supply Salmon Evolution, which is building a 36,000-tonnes-per-year on-land farm at Indre Harøy in western Norway.
  • A five-year agreement to supply AquaCon, which plans to produce around 50,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon annually in RAS facilities in Maryland in the eastern US.