The Kingfish Company has now extended its reach to the UK. Image: The Kingfish Company video.

RAS-grown kingfish on sale in UK stores

The Kingfish Company, which produces yellowtail kingfish in a recirculating aquaculture system facility in the Netherlands, has this week begun selling its fish through Whole Foods Market stores in the UK.

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“We are proud to have met some of the strictest requirements for seafood in retail, and excited to offer UK retail customers a fresh, local, and healthy fish that they can now enjoy at home,” said the company in a LinkedIn post.


“Sustainability and quality of product have been guiding principles for The Kingfish Company from inception, leading to substantial efforts made to become the first yellowtail kingfish farm to attain Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), and BRC certifications, to operate on 100% renewable energy, and to raise our fish without antibiotics.”

The Kingfish Company changed its corporate name from Kingfish Zeeland in February, to better reflect its global presence. It plans a 6,000-tonne RAS yellowtail farm in Jonesport, Maine, in the United States and has also been working on doubling the capacity of its Netherlands farm to 5,000 tonnes.

US-owned Wholefoods has strict sustainability criteria for its products. It has seven UK stores, all in the London area.