Farmers showed great interest in strategies to improve disease management in shrimp nursery systems.

Nutriad presents shrimp solutions

Shrimp health was the focus of two presentations by additives specialist Nutriad at the recent annual aquaculture seminar in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.  

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Organised by Nutriad’s Vietnamese distribution partner Tan Sao, this year’s event addressed challenges for farmers on health and nutrition, providing them practical solutions with a proven track record across the region.

Alexander Van Halteren, Business Development Manager Aquaculture Nutrition, presented a talk on Functional Feed Additives Improving Disease Resistance and Growth Performances in Shrimp. Shrimp farmers showed great interest in the proposed strategies to improve disease management in shrimp nursery systems and grow-out ponds.

Ho Gim Chong, Commercial & Technical manager Aquaculture, South-East Asia, shared farm trial results on managing White Feces Syndrome (WFS) of Shrimp in Malaysia and Indonesia. WFS continues to be a main threat in Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and India. The exact cause of this disease remains unclear, although pathogenic bacteria and microsporidians are often associated with its symptoms.

Nutriad has recently obtained promising results via the application of its health range of speciality additives in farms affected by WFS.

Alan Wu, Nutriad's Regional Manager Aquaculture APAC.

Alan Wu, Regional Manager Aquaculture APAC, said: “Nutriad has been working with shrimp farm customers in Vietnam for many years, achieving excellent results and performances. We are committed to continue to innovate our product portfolio to adapt to the new challenges and emerging diseases.”

Nutriad delivers products and services to more than 80 countries through a network of sales offices and distributors, supported by four application laboratories and five manufacturing facilities on three continents.