Kvarøy Arctic will donate 1-2 pallets of salmon a month to Rethink Food. Photo: Kvarøy Arctic.

Salmon farmer giving away 8,000 meals a week

Norwegian salmon farmer Kvarøy Arctic, which exports much of its product to the United States, is to make monthly donations of fish to New York-based non-profit organisation Rethink Food.

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Some of the salmon will be used by Rethink to provide pre-prepared meals to eight community organisations that serve food in a dignified setting to New Yorkers suffering food insecurity.

The rest of the fish will be served in the Rethink Café, a donation-based cafe that invites everyone to enjoy a nutritious meal for a suggested donation of $5.

The monthly donation of 1-2 pallets (680-900 kilos) of salmon is equal to over 8,000 meals per week. Kvarøy Arctic has committed to make donations for a year.

First year-long commitment

“Kvarøy Arctic is our first seafood donor, and this is the first time we’ve received a reliable, recurring donation commitment for a full year,” said Maddie Metzger from Rethink Food.

“We made our first donation to Rethink Food at the start of the pandemic in 2020,” said Kvarøy Arctic strategic development officer Jennifer Bushman.

“Since then, recognising the growing need for nourishing food, we’ve continued to donate to their network. We’re proud to support Rethink Food in their effort to give neighbours impacted by food insecurity access to high-quality, nutritious food.”