SalMar harvested 45,000 gwt in Q1 2022, up from 36,900 gwt in the same quarter last year.

An up and down quarter for Scottish Sea Farms’ owners SalMar and Lerøy

Norwegian salmon farmers SalMar and Lerøy Seafood, which co-own Scotland’s second-biggest salmon producer, Scottish Sea Farms, have announced harvest figures for the first quarter of 2022.

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SalMar harvested 45,000 gutted weight tonnes in the quarter, of which 24,900 gwt was harvested in central Norway, 16,800 gwt in northern Norway and 3,400 gwt in Iceland. The harvest volume is higher than the same period last year, when SalMar harvested 36,900 gwt.

Lerøy harvested 32,100 gwt of salmon and trout in Q1 this year, which is 10,000 fewer tonnes than in Q1 2021.

The company’s northern Norway farming division, Lerøy Aurora, harvested 4,900 gwt (Q1 2021: 9,000 gwt), and its central Norway divisio, Lerøy Midt, harvested 11,800 gwt (16,500 gwt).


Lerøy’s southern Norway division, Lerøy Sjøtroll, harvested 15,400 gwt (16,700 gwt).

Trout comprised 4,100 gwt (4,200 gwt) of the group’s harvest.

Scottish Sea Farms’ Q1 harvest volume was not included in today’s market updates. SalMar and Lerøy each own 50% of Scottish Sea Farms and as neither has a majority stake SSF’s volumes are not consolidated into their accounts.

SSF’s harvest volume and financial performance will be included in SalMar’s Q1 report on May 12 and Lerøy’s on May 13.