The walls and floor of Gigante Salmon's first pool have been concreted, columns are in place, and some walkways have been installed. The pool will have a polyethelene lining (see right) and will be divided into three separate looped raceways.

Concrete progress for Gigante Salmon

The Norwegian land-based fish farmer remains on target to stock its first smolts in the autumn


Gigante Salmon, which plans to produce 16,000 gutted weight tonnes of fish annually in raceways excavated into the bedrock of a small island, Lille Indre Rosøy, is moving closer to the start of production in the first phase of the project.

The company spent around NOK 95 million (£7.3m) on the project in the second quarter of 2023, taking its total investment to NOK 260m.

In its Q2 report published today, Gigante said concrete walls in production basin 3 – the first of three pools to be excavated - are close to completion. Columns in the basin that will support dividers to separate it into three raceways are finished, and PE (polyethylene) liners for installation on walls and floors have been delivered.

Taking shape

The first of four containers containing power-distribution panels has been fabricated and delivered on site, and delivery of a second container is expected in early August. Installation is necessary prior to start-up.

Pipelaying of intake pipes ongoing and work on electrical conduit has begun, and an oxygen system for start of production has been completed and delivered.

“This project has been object for planning and execution through several years, and we are pleased to see that the effort is now taking shape. At this moment we are really looking forward to starting production this autumn, with 1.1 million smolt released in the facility,” said chief financial officer Rune Johansen.

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The site seen from the air, showing basin 3 at the front.
An illustration of basin 3, which will be divided into three separate raceways, each with a PE divider running most of its length. Gigante Salmon