So far this year, Norway has exported 614,400 tonnes of salmon worth NOK 42 billion (£4.1 billion).

Salmon vaccine doses almost double in April

The number of vaccine doses administered to salmon in Norway almost doubled in April, according to the latest figures from aquaculture pharmaceuticals company Pharmaq.

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Vaccine sales to salmon companies in April ended at 12.5 million doses, compared to 6.5 million doses in April 2016.

The 12 months' rolling sales of vaccines to salmon are now at 338 million doses.

Ending April, 172 million vaccine doses have been purchased since vaccination of the S1- 2017 generation started in September, compared to 162.5 million doses to the S1- 2016 at the same time.

In April, sales of a 7-component-ISA vaccine were 650,000 doses and 3.9 million doses of PD-vaccines whereof 2.3 million of a 7-component vaccine.

April sales of vaccines to trout were 300,000 doses compared to 210,000 doses in April 2016. The twelve months' rolling sales of vaccines to trout are now at 18.6 million doses.