MMC's Peter Leon Fauske, left, and Sølvtrans boss Roger Halsebakk sign an agreement worth NOK 1 billion for the supply of live fish handling equipment to a new fleet of wellboats. Screenshot:

Wellboat giant Sølvtrans signs £85m deal for fish handling systems

The world’s biggest wellboat operator, Sølvtrans, has selected Norwegian company MMC First Process as the supplier of live fish handling systems for its future vessels.

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The deal applies to 19 boats still to be constructed as part of comprehensive newbuild programme of 20 boats commissioned by Sølvtrans. The order is worth around NOK 1 billion (£85m) to MMC First Process.

Sølvtrans chief executive Roger Halsebakk said MMC First Process was selected because of the company’s extensive experience and expertise in handling large, live fish on board wellboats.

Top-quality equipment

“MMC First Process is a company we already know well from previous deliveries of top-quality equipment,” said Halsebakk.

“For us in Sølvtrans, it is important to build boats of the highest quality and to have the absolutely best equipment for handling fish. When we can combine this with creating value and important jobs locally, it becomes a win-win situation.”

He added: “For us, signing this contract with MMC First Process successfully combines purchase of the very best fish-handling equipment with local value creation and making the maximum effort to safeguard fish welfare. This is the essence of the wellboat business.”

Market leader

MMC’s chief sales officer, Frank Edvard Vike, said the company was the leading player in the global market for handling large, live salmon and trout. He emphasised the importance of that position and the company’s large reservoir of expertise in underpinning the agreement, something confirmed by Sølvtrans operations manager Robin Halsebakk.

“It is important for us to be at the top of the tree for biosecurity, fish health and fish welfare,” said the operations manager. “We also deliver in accordance with the UN sustainability goals and contribute significantly to creating value and important jobs locally.”

MMC chief executive Petter Leon Fauske said the company’s long-term investment in developing solutions for the aquaculture industry was now producing results.

“We have worked successfully with Sølvtrans for many years and this strategic agreement is a hugely important recognition of our long-term focus and not least the quality of our solutions. It is all thanks to the expertise and team spirit of our employees,” said Fauske.