Packaging maker SEALPAC says its new product reduces plastic by up to 75%. Photo: SEALPAC

Salmon smoker chooses lower-plastic packs

Danish seafood processor Vega Salmon A/S has adopted new packaging which its makers say has up to 75% less plastic than the plastic skin trays commonly used for fish.

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Vega is using Dutch manufacturer SEALPAC’s FlatSkin packaging for the hot-smoked salmon products it supplies under different brand names to various retailers.

Instead of a plastic tray, the FlatSkin pack uses a cardboard carrier that allows for double-sided printing.  Transparent film fixes the product directly on to the cardboard, which has been coated with a polymeric protective layer that adds to the cardboard’s strength and forms a reliable barrier against grease, moisture and oxygen.

After taking out the product, the polymeric layer is easily removed for separate disposal, allowing the cardboard to be recycled.