SinkabergHansen already has this closed cage, and will now establish a site with five new units. Photo: SinkabergHansen.

Fish farmer buys five closed cages for ‘green permit’ site

Closed cage supplier Fiizk has secured its largest contract to date, for five cages that will comprise a new salmon farm. The order from SinkabergHansen is linked to the Norwegian salmon farmer’s purchase of a “green permit” for an extra 827 tonnes of biomass.

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Green permits require a commitment related to technological solutions and operational conditions.

The fish will be held in closed cages for the first part of the operating phase – and have a strict lice limit of 0.1 througout the production run.

Svein-Gustav Sinkaberg: Lice prevention is a priority.

Constructive dialogue

SinkabergHansen chief executive Svein-Gustav Sinkaberg said with or without green permits, prevention of lice is something the company sets great store in.

“Over time, we have developed and invested in various projects with similar aspirations. We look forward to a constructive dialogue with sector authorities to ensure a sound implementation,” said Sinkaberg.

Fiizk, which has set its sights of expansion into Scotland, said the order was a major milestone for its closed cage technology.

Magnus Stendal: "Great conditions" for fish growth and welfare.

Single location

“It is also an important focus for our industry in general, as we gain more experience and documentation from large-scale operation of closed cages at a single location,”  said Fiizk business developer Magnus Stendal.
The cages have a production volume of 15,000m³. A specially designed rigid steel float collar provides buoyancy and serves as a safe working platform for the operators.

A solid PVC bag encloses the production volume, and four independent seawater intakes draw water from under the lice belt into the cage. The cage environment is monitored and documented by a network of sensors. Additional oxygen is automatically added if needed.

SinkabergHansen is already operating a similar cage from Fiizk.

“SinkabergHansen will now have at their disposal 75,000m³ of protected and lice-free production volume at sea, with advantageous temperatures and stable high oxygen levels. This provides great conditions for growth and fish welfare,” said Stendal.