The Nordnorsk Smolt hatchery, located in Finnmark, grows smolt up to 250 grams. Image: Linn Therese Skar Hosteland.

China’s first home-grown salmon?

The first fry have been stocked in a planned 20,000 tonne-per-year salmon farm in the Yellow Sea.

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Seafood Source reports that the firm Rizhao Res Mo Ze Feng Yu Ye Ltd Co has already invested USD 3.6 million in the project and has now released the first batches of fry into pens in Rizhao region.

The company apparently plans to grow these to 5kg apiece within two years and sell each fish for USD 30. The first harvest is due to take place in 2017.

Dong Shuanglin, a professor at the Ocean University in Qingdao, told Seafood Source that he believes that the project is highly feasible.

“There are 130,000 square kilometres of sea with temperatures suitable to raising salmon,” Shuanglin told the website. “If we use only one per cent of that surface area for salmon breeding, we will have a huge resource.”