Deep Trekker says opening up in Chile will help it deliver products based on the specific needs of the Latin American market.

ROV-maker opens branch in Chile's salmon heartland

The Canadian maker of submersible remotely-operated vehicles, Deep Trekker Inc, has opened a Latin American subsidiary in the Chilean salmon farming capital of Puerto Montt.

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Deep Trekker SpA will offer the company’s complete range of submersible products, technical support, training services and customer service, the company said in a press release.

Company president Sam Macdonald said the firm had experienced exceptional growth over the past eight years which she believed was directly tied to developing products with its customers, which include fish farmers.

Christian Aguilera: Committed to growing the brand.

Direct presence

“Establishing a direct presence in Latin America will allow us to get even closer to our customers, and as a result, deliver innovative products based on the specific needs of the Latin American market,” said Macdonald.

Cristian Aguilera, the new subsidiary’s business development manager, said: “The team here in Chile is committed to growing the Deep Trekker brand through the delivery of high-quality, robust submersible ROVs and exceptional customer service.” 

The company said it is committed to supporting aquaculture with purpose-built ROVs that will continue to address small and large tasks from monitoring to inspection.