Staff from the Campbell River ReStore. Image: Mowi Canada West

Mowi helps build affordable housing in Canada

Mowi Canada West has teamed up with non-profit group Habitat for Humanity to build affordable family homes on Vancouver Island.

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The salmon farmer donated “gently used” furniture and windows from a barge deconstruction to a ReStore based in Campbell River. Customers from all over Vancouver Island purchased the donated items, raising nearly $15,000 for Habitat for Humanity construction projects. 

“The benefits of a Habitat home reach far beyond the four walls these families help build,” said Alison Liebel, community engagement officer for Habitat for Humanity, Vancouver Island North.

“Through reduced reliance on social housing and food banks, better education and employment outcomes and improved health every Habitat home built helps create $175,000 worth of benefits for the local community.” 

Home ownership

She went on to explain the importance of such community projects in a blog posted earlier this week. “With the cost of housing increasing every year, coupled with extremely low vacancy rates, offering affordable homeownership for hard-working local families creates stability, self-reliance and strength to not only the homeowner families, but to the community they contribute to.”

Habitat for Humanity has built 12 homes in Campbell River and 16 homes in the Comox Valley which is located south of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. The homes are built with funding and help from community groups, businesses and volunteers.

Liebel added that for a family to qualify to purchase a Habitat for Humanity home, a family must meet low income levels which are set by the province. They also need to have custody of a child who is under the age of 18.

“As part of their partnership the family puts in 500 hours of volunteerism with Habitat. All members of the family can pitch in with these hours, so we often see children of homeowner families baking goodies for the volunteers or handing out brochures at a community market.

“It’s a great way for the kids to actively contribute to their new home, helping to build a stronger future for the family.” 


Habitat for Humanity is an inclusive, non-profit, non-government organisation. Through volunteer labour and donations of money and materials Habitat for Humanity works with families in need to build safe, decent and affordable housing. Houses are sold to Habitat Families with no downpayment and are financed through affordable, no-interest mortgages. Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has more than 3,000 affiliates around the world.