Salmon feeding in a fish farm. BioMar has introduced a feed additive which it says mitigates the risks caused by crowding and handling, which stress the fish.

New calming additive can lead to better results, says feed producer


Salmon feed producer BioMar has launched a new product, Calm, which can be added to grower diets to reduce fish stress during handling.

The additive, which BioMar says is made from natural ingredients, is part of the Danish company’s SmartCare range and can be used in addition to other products in the range.

BioMar said the increasing need for mechanical and other forms of treatment to help with the challenge of sea lice means that salmon are subjected to numerous stress events such as crowding and general handling. This has a knock-on effect to the fish due to lost feeding days, reduced growth potential, and the increased risk of secondary infections potentially resulting in a lower final harvest weight and reduced quality.

Alleviating production pains

It added that used strategically before and immediately after any planned stress event, SmartCare Calm can be a useful addition to the feed for the farmer to help mitigate these risks.

“Calm is a great addition to the SmartCare range of products that we already have,” said SmartCare product marketing manager Torunn Forberg. “Whilst the need to treat fish for sea lice to remain within the regulatory limits is a necessity, we also understand that these types of stress events can bring with them other challenges that can have a prolonged negative impact. The introduction of Calm can alleviate some of these production pains.”

BioMar said research has shown SmartCare Calm to have a positive effect on feed intake, growth, and pigmentation, leading to better results for the farmer at harvest.