Bio Marines new factory in Lithuania.

Building a production plant for lice skirts in Lithuania

Bio Marine starts producing lice skirts in Lithuania. Svein Brudeseth Tveiten will lead the new company, Bio Marine Baltic.


To meet a growing market with even better lice skirts, Bio Marine is establishing the production of lice skirts in Siauliai, Lithuania.

"We have conducted market research that shows there is an opportunity for more players in the market for lice skirts, and we believe that we have a lot of new things to contribute on this front," says Nils Hovden, Marketing Manager at Bio Marine.

The necessary experience and competence in producing skirts have recently been acquired by collaborating with Svein Brudeseth Tveiten. Production Manager Kaitana Juškevičius and Technical Manager Domas Juškevičius have also been hired by the company, both with more than ten years of experience in producing lice skirts in Norway.

"We have a powerful organization, and the new production plant is based on many years of experience. This will be a facility just as I have always wanted in terms of production. Today, one must operate both rationally and efficiently to compete. We are setting up a smart production with high capacity," says Tveiten.

Focusing on lice skirts is part of Bio Marine's long-term strategy, which aims to deliver complete solutions for cage environments, such as screening using skirts, systems for circulation, oxygen addition, and environmental monitoring.

Bio Marine also follows the example of several Norwegian equipment suppliers by establishing production in Lithuania. "Of course, the cost level is an important element, even though logistics, production capacity, and delivery reliability are alpha and omega," says Nils Hovden.

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Svein Tveiten
Produksjonssjef Kaitana Juškevičius