A Bakkafrost salmon farm in the Faroes. The company harvested 8,700 gutted weight tonnes in the Faroes in Q2 and 7,300 gwt in Scotland.

Bakkafrost harvested 16,000 tonnes of salmon in Q2


Faroes and Scotland salmon farmer Bakkafrost harvested 16,000 gutted weight tonnes of fish in the second quarter of this year, it said in a market update today.

The harvest volume comprised 8,700 gwt in the Faroe Islands and 7,300 gwt in Scotland.

In Scotland, Bakkafrost harvested 3,300 gwt in its northern region and 4,000 gwt in the south. In the Faroes, the company harvested 1,300 gwt in its northern region, 5,500 gwt in the west, and 1,900 gwt in the south.

Bakkafrost’s feed subsidiary, Havsbrún, sold 30,200 tonnes of feed in the quarter and sourced 147,900 tonnes of raw materials.

The company’s full Q2 2023 report will be released on 22 August.