Reference image of the Santiago Stock Exchange, where shares in salmon farming companies boomed last year.

Salmon farmers top Chile’s profitability table

Three Chilean salmon farming companies have topped a list of the 20 most profitable Chilean shares in 2018.

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Salmones Camanchaca is in first place, Blumar in second and Multiexport Foods in third.

Three other salmon farming companies – Australis, AquaChile and Invermar – also made the top 20.

Stock in Salmones Camanchaca increased in value by 78.9%, while shares in Blumar jumped 71.67% and Multiexport’s stock rose by 68.79%.

Australis Seafood shares rose by 58.79%, AquaChile’s by 55.38% and Invermar’s by 13.21%.

Ricardo Garcia, vice president of Salmones Camanchaca, told Fish Farming Expert’s Chilean sister site, Salmonexpert, “it means that the capital market and global and local investors have confidence in the management of the company and the sustainability of its results”.