ANCI intends to sell Panaferd to Latin American shrimp producers following positive study results. Photo: Panaferd.

Panaferd producer plans to put shrimp in the pink

Panaferd, a natural astaxanthin product used to give a pink colour to organic and high-end farmed salmon, improved both the colour and survival of shrimp when it was included in their diet, studies show.

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The additive’s producer, JX Nippon ANCI Inc., now hopes to make it commercially available to the Latin American shrimp industry this year.

Panaferd contains natural carotenoids and is based on the bacterium Paracoccus carotinifaciens.

Carolina Mobilia: Panaferd boosted shrimp survival.

Notable improvements

Carolina Mobilia, ANCI representative for Latin America, told Fish Farming Expert’s Chilean sister site, “Panaferd has demonstrated notable improvements in the colour and survival of shrimp under cultivation conditions and in the face of challenges from the main diseases that affect the cultivation of these crustaceans such as vibriosis or white spot.

“Latin American shrimp producers are seeking to differentiate themselves, position themselves and add value and preference to international markets. Many companies target demanding markets such as Europe or organic products where colour, quality and being free of chemicals are required.”

Feed plants

ANCI is in talks with the main feed plants in Latin America to optimise the use strategies and different concentrations for the different farming systems in Latin America.

“Through feed plants we want to reach producers who request it in their feed or as part of a special diet that would include Panaferd,” said Mobilia.

“If all goes well, we hope to start marketing the product this year.”