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Airbiom is using wood to create proteins for aquafeeds. Image:
Airbiom is using wood to create proteins for aquafeeds. Image:

Arbiom, a biotechnology company based in Durham, North Carolina has completed aquaculture trials of SylPro, a protein ingredient derived from wood that can be added to aquafeeds.

Scientific studies were conducted by researchers at Texas A&M University, one of the leading aquaculture programs in the United States.

SylPro was compared to plant and animal protein sources. Material handling properties and nutritional performance were also evaluated.

The study concluded that SylPro behaved similar or better when compared to conventional protein ingredients in extruded feeds. The nutritional performance of SylPro was evaluated in hybrid striped bass. Feeds were formulated with Arbiom’s high protein ingredient at various inclusion rates.

Nutritional value

Growth (body weight), body composition, nutrient digestibility and general gastrointestinal health were evaluated over the course of a 60-day period. There were no differences in mortality or feed intake across all diets fed. Also, there was no statistical difference in body weight gain or feed compared to the control diet. Crude protein digestibility came in at 97%.

Nutritional value was equal when comparing traditional protein sources and SylPro.  Material handling characteristics of SylPro suggested that it performs well in a range of extrusion conditions at varying inclusion levels in extruded feed. SylPro could reduce the need for binding agents. Based on the information from the study Airbiom believes that SylPro can be used to replace fish meal or plant based proteins in hybrid striped bass diets with a sustainable wood based protein.

Solve the challenges

“We believe SylPro will make a valuable contribution to addressing the challenges faced by aquaculture producers and feed formulators. The results from recent and future trials will continue to demonstrate science-backed performance of SylPro and accelerate our efforts to bring this superior protein source to the market,” said Arbiom chief executive Marc Chevrel.

“SylPro is a yeast single-cell protein (SCP), that is produced using wood-derived media in fermentation and final downstream processing to achieve appropriate properties as a viable replacement for fish meal or plant protein concentrates. Arbiom’s product has been developed to solve the challenges of protein sourcing and gastrointestinal health for aquaculture and livestock producers.”

“The results of these studies are a critical and promising step in validating the effectiveness of SylPro as we continue to scale up Arbiom’s Wood to Food platform and bring our first commercial product to the market,” said Ricardo Ekmay, vice president of nutrition for Arbiom.

Arbiom’s technology platform integrates the company’s proprietary enzyme technologies and biomass processing systems to convert wood into food. Arbiom is partnering with biomass stakeholders and leading firms in aquaculture, biotechnology and bio-based industries. Headquartered in North Carolina, it has offices in Paris, France, and Norton, Virginia, where it operates a pilot plant.