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One of Greig Seafood’s Finnmark salmon sites.
One of Greig Seafood’s Finnmark salmon sites.

Suspicions of the presence of infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) have been discovered at a Grieg Seafood site in northern Norway.

A routine sampling procedure at one of Greig Seafood's Finnmark salmon sites in Tinnlandet, near the town of Hammerfest, led to the discovery.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) has been informed

The Tinnlandet site currently holds just over a million fish with an average weight of 4.2 kg. The fish are said to performing well biologically and are ready for harvest.

If further samples confirm the suspicion of ISA, action will be taken to find the best possible solution to empty the site as quickly as possible. The fish will be sold in the market as normal.