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FishGLOBE V5 is designed for post-smolt and can hold 250 tonnes of fish. Photo: FishGLOBE
FishGLOBE V5 is designed for post-smolt and can hold 250 tonnes of fish. Photo: FishGLOBE

The developer of a closed cage fish farm concept, FishGLOBE, intends to build his first production-sized version in the autumn.


Norwegian Arne Berge says the FishGLOBE V5 will have a volume of 3,600 cubic metres and will be used for closed post-smolt production.

Berge has previously built four prototypes, the last being the FishGLOBE V4, which had the capacity for 50 tonnes of fish. The V5 will accommodate 250 tonnes.

Berge says it’s clear that his concept differs from the other closed concepts under development, as the dome of the spherical structure includes room for all the technical equipment, separate feed storage and the potential for emergency power for pumps.

More protected

Arne Berge:
Arne Berge: "I think the concept has a real chance." Photo: FishGLOBE

“I think the concept has a real chance to become the preferred solution,” he said.

"It is a closed farm where the fish can be more protected from external environmental impact. New water is pumped in and can be oxygenated to optimise environmental conditions. You can collect particles such as fish waste and the solution is very robust against escapes. Unlike most other closed aquaculture cages it is also closed at the top, so that waves cannot bring in lice larvae and the like.”

Berge sees his concept not just as a closed cage for growing fish but also as an alternative to a wellboat. The completely closed environment allows it to be pressurised, allowing suction without mechanical pumps. "The fish 'flows' unhindered through pipes without vanes or other things that can harm the fish."

Gentle way

The concept's website states: "FishGLOBE represents a new and improved way for delousing / treatment of salmon lice and parasites. The fish are gently transported from traditional cages into a FishGLOBE for safe and gentle treatment. After treatment, the fish is transported in the same gentle way back to the cage."

Recently, Berge has worked on certification and approval of the globe, as well as efforts to find a suitable site for the cage.

“It should be ready for stocking of fish next spring,” he said.

The approvals and certification are now almost complete, the calculations show that it will withstand high waves and a lot of force.

Permission has been sought to place the cage in Lysefjord or Høgsfjord but ordering construction depends on that clearance being given soon, Berge added.

The FishGLOBE V4, which has a capacity of 70 m3, has been tested with good results, according to the entrepreneur.

“It shows itself to be very robust, can withstand waves and currents very well. The patents have been tested in practice and work as expected. The results showed that it needed some design work to improve ballasting.”

Those improvements have now been completed for FishGLOBE.