Visitors to the virtual booth are welcomed and told how to navigate the site.

RAS expert AquaMaof opens virtual trade show stand

Recirculating aquaculture systems specialist AquaMaof has launched a “virtual booth” to showcase its technology in the absence of major trade shows that have been cancelled or postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The online expo allows visitors to watch live and pre-recorded expert presentations, as well as explore AquaMaof projects around the world in the interactive map and gallery. 

The booth offers a virtual reality tour of AquaMaof’s land-based salmon R&D and training centre in Poland.

There is also a meeting room to schedule a video conference with representatives from the Israeli company.

Shai Silberman in the virtual meeting room, where visitors can schedule appointments for video conferencing. Click on image to enlarge.

Important to meet industry

“Due to the Covid situation, most of the major trade events and conferences have been postponed or cancelled,” said Shai Silberman, AquaMaof’s vice president of marketing & sales.

“Nevertheless, it was very important for us to meet with the industry and provide it with an update on our recent developments in RAS technology, so we came up with a safe virtual platform to make it happen.

“Now, more than ever, we see a growing interest in our RAS technology as an enabler of sustainable, clean, and local seafood production.”

The virtual booth opened today. Participants can register their email address and enter the booth here.

Pure Salmon

Among AquaMaof’s projects is the provision of the technology for Grieg Newfoundland’s smolt hatchery and nursery in Marystown, where the salmon farmer intends to grow 30,000 tonnes of fish a year in Placentia Bay.

The RAS specialist is also the technology partner for Pure Salmon, owned by aquaculture investment fund 8F. Pure Salmon intends to produce 260,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon per year in on-land facilities close to major population centres around the world, and jointly owns the Poland facility with AquaMaof.