A rainbow trout. The troutarmed in Aquadis Naturellement's recirculating aquaculture system will be the first to have Salvea feed.

Trout farmer pioneers BioMar’s low-FIFO feed

A French trout grower is the first to use a new feed which supplier BioMar says can reduce the company’s Fish In - Fish Out (FIFO) ratio to as low as 0.3.

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The feed for Brittany-based on-land fish farmer Aquadis Naturellement is the first of BioMar’s Salvea products, designed to be both natural and sustainable.

The recipe for Aquadis Naturellement, which will be available to French and Spanish trout farmers, contains naturally derived pigments, added natural antioxidants and ingredients that resemble natural prey for fish, such as insect meal.

Ole Christensen: Consumers want to know what's in their food.

Emerging trend

It also includes an increased level of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. 

Together with the replacement of some fish meal with insect meal, the Salvea recipe uses fish trimmings. This results in a low FIFO, making it very sustainable. 

In a press release, BioMar said the development takes its lead from an emerging trend in consumer behaviour. “Today’s seafood consumers are not only interested in what’s on their plate, they also want to know where it comes from, how it is made and what is in it,” said Ole Christensen, vice president of BioMar’s Europe, Middle East and Africa division. 

“With a lot of mixed messages in the market it can be confusing for the consumer to make a healthy choice and that is why many look for natural and organic foods. This is how the ‘back to nature’ trend has emerged.” 

Wholesome seafood

Aquadis chief executive Jean-Pol Le Ribault said: “Consumers are concerned whether the food choices they make are good for their well-being and if it has been produced in a sustainable manner. 

“This development increases our responsibility as fish farmers for providing wholesome seafood which also respects nature and its resources.”

“It is important to emphasise that Salvea is not only about individual raw materials, as these may change,” said Christensen.

“Products under the concept may change, yet the basis of Salvea lies in a consumer demand, looking for a natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

“Salvea is the simple solution for bringing farmed fish closer to end consumers. For our customers, this is a new opportunity to talk the same language as the end consumer with a message that is easy to understand. They will be creating a competitive advantage for their business while doing their part in caring for the oceans.”