California is a hub for aquaculture research due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Image: California Sea Grant

New funding available for US aquaculture industry

The National Sea Grant College Program has three multi-million dollar funding opportunities to help advance aquaculture in the United States. 

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The grants are available to anyone who wants to apply. Three million dollars will be available for "Research to address critical gaps in social, behavioral, and economic knowledge as it relates to US aquaculture and the communities impacted and served by it," the California Aquaculture Association said in a press release.

Under the 10-Year Sea Grant program almost $9 million dollars will be up for grabs to support the establishment of collaborative programs to help connect Sea Grant to industry partners and “advance aquaculture in areas where a foundation of knowledge and activity currently exists but where significant barriers to sustainable domestic marine and Great Lakes aquaculture remain”. 

Another $1.5 million 

Sea Grant anticipates another $1.5 million dollars will be available to support Sea Grant-led aquaculture projects that focus on geographies.

The grant program was developed as a national strategic plan for federal aquaculture research, the 10-Year Sea Grant Aquaculture Vision, involving research from federal, state and university scientists and researchers.    

California Sea Grant is a collaboration of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the State of California and universities across the state to create knowledge, products and services that benefit the economy, the environment and the citizens of California.

It offers services for coastal and marine science and policy issues. California Sea Grant is one of 33 state programs funded by the National Sea Grant College Program, run by NOAA. 

The deadline to submit a letter of intent is April 2.

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