The Atlas Air 474 was chartered by AquaChile on Wednesday so the company could meet its supply commitments. Photo: AquaChile.

Room in jumbo's trunk: AquaChile charters 747 exclusively for salmon

Chile’s largest salmon producer, AquaChile, this week chartered a jumbo jet to fly salmon to the United States – the first time that such a large aircraft has been used solely for that purpose.

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“The sheer volume of our company and our logistics capabilities [means that] we can make decisions of this kind, which will directly benefit our customers. We are reaching our customers in the target markets faster ways and in better conditions,” said AquaChile’s supply chain manager, Matias Silva in a press release.

On Wednesday the Atlas Air Boeing 747 made a direct flight to the US with 105 tonnes of salmon, much of it AquaChile’s Verlasso premium brand.

‘Unique in Chile’

This allowed the company to reduce transit time and maintain trade commitments both in the US and China, despite high demand at Santiago air terminal.

“This operation is unique in Chile and is the first time in history that a flight of this size has been chartered exclusively for a salmon farming company. The cargo agency that handled this operation was Acosta and Aguayo, along with the airline Atlas Air. All this was made possible through teamwork with AquaChile logistics area,” said Silva.

A series of mergers and acquisitions has made AquaChile the second largest player in the global salmon industry.