A file photo of fish killed by an algal bloom. Image: Salmonexpert.cl.

Algal blooms cause three fish die-offs in Chile

Two Chilean salmon farmers have reported mass fish mortalities caused by algal blooms which affected oxygen levels.

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Salmones Camanchaca reported two mortality events in three days at separate sites in the same locality. The first was reported on March 8, at its Nieves farm in Chaitén commune in Los Lagos region, which held 664,000 salmon with an average weight of 4kg.

The second, reported on March 11, took place at its Puerto Argentina farm in the same sector and was also blamed on an algal bloom.

An algal bloom also caused the death of between 70 and 80 tonnes of salmon at Multiexport Foods’ Apiao farm in Quinchao commune, Los Lagos region, according to a report in La Estrella de Chiloé.