Umitron's Lens fish measurement system uses a portable camera unitand a mobile phone app. Photos: Umitron.

Tech developer offers portable fish size measuring

Japanese aquaculture technology company Umitron has introduced a new portable fish body measurement system.

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Umitron Lens utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Using a portable camera paired with a mobile phone app, Lens automatically measures fish size underwater and stores the data on the internet ‘cloud’.

The company said that being able to track fish during their growth cycles is an essential part of farm management, but that the current way of measuring fish growth, which involves sampling an adequate number of fish frequently, is both labour intensive and can also cause stress to the fish, sometimes resulting in injuries or even death.

The Umitron Lens has a small stereo camera (bottom of picture) to enhance usability. A problem of lower accuracy has been solved by an algorithm, says Umitron.

Increasing accuracy

“We have been developing this system in Oita prefecture in Japan since 2018, focusing on improving the user experience on actual farming sites, gathering useful data sets from measurement operations and increasing the accuracy of the size estimations,” Umitron said in a press release.

“In using small size stereo cameras to enhance usability, we realised there was a problem of lower accuracy, but we have developed a unique algorithm to overcome this and achieve a high fish body measurement accuracy level.

“We will gradually roll out Lens to aquaculture farmers from next year onwards and are seeking new project partners who are interested in Lens and a future aquaculture integration model.”

Umitron aims to create a sustainable aquaculture model by integrating the data of from all its tech-based services. These comprise its smart auto feeder Umitron Cell, the fish appetite analysis system Umitron FAI, the high-resolution ocean data service Umitron Pulse and Umitron Lens.