A lift for the salmon price in the week after Christmas

The salmon price ended the year with a bang

The price of Norwegian salmon experienced an increase of well over ten kroner in the last week of the year.

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According to Akvafakta, the spot price for salmon rose by NOK 12.88/kg in week 52, up to NOK 86.52/kg.

The price is NOK 23.15/kg over the last week of 2021.

The average spot price for 2022 ended at NOK 81.95/kg, compared to NOK 57.26/kg in 2021.


In week 52 an amount of 21,061 tonnes (round weight) were exported.

That is 3.3% less than the same week in 2021.

For the entire year 2022, 1,437,432 tonnes were exported, 2.2% less than in 2021.

The spot price in 2022 (blue) versus 2021 (grey).