An RSPCA Assured inspection taking place at a fish farm. Photo: RSPCA Assured website.

New look for RSPCA Assured website

RSPCA Assured today launched a revamped website in what it said was a major push to further boost consumer awareness and trust of the brand, as well as better promote the importance of choosing RSPCA Assured products to help improve farm animal welfare.

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The more user-friendly website’s features include:

  • A simpler ‘where-to-buy’ RSPCA Assured products tool
  • Policies on plastic packaging, soy and palm oil
  • How the charity is funded
  • How RSPCA Assured tackles primary consumer welfare concerns for different farm animals
The new website is easier to navigate.

Made for mobiles

Jodie Adam, digital communications manager at RSPCA Assured, said: “We decided the time was right to refresh and relaunch our website for two reasons. Firstly, the results of our consumer research which showed that customers really want to know more about how RSPCA Assured works and why they should trust us. And secondly, to meet the changing trends in the way people access information on the internet.

“Last year 60% of visitors to the website accessed it via mobile so, with this in mind, not only have we made it easier to find what you are looking for but we have also designed it with mobile browsing in mind. We hope this means we will hit our target of 250,000 hits this year.”

Welfare audits

All Scottish salmon farmers are now signed up to the RSPCA Assured accreditation scheme apart from Organic Sea Harvest, which adheres to organic standards through the Soil Association.

Salmon farms are routinely visited by RSPCA Assured for audits, to make sure they meet the scheme’s welfare standards.

The Scottish Salmon Producers’ Association (SSPO) recently urged RSPCA Assured to make unannounced inspections at any farm, any time. The call was in response to a report by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), which alleged welfare breaches at farms.

The farms had their RSPCA Assured certification reinstated after inspections found no evidence to support the claims.