Prices pass $5/lb

Chilean Trim-D salmon fillets were traded at an average price of US$ 5.17 per pound during week 12 - a significant increase compared to the previous week and also the eighth week in a row with a price over $4 per pound in the US.

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This represents a 7.0 per cent or 34 cents increase compared to the price seen in the previous week. It is also 24.3 per cent higher than the price observed in the same week of 2015 (US$ 4.16) and 4.4 per cent above the same week of 2014 (US$ 4.95). This current price level was not seen since late May 2014.

According to the weekly report published by SalmonEx, the Brazilian market price observed a US$ 0.31 increase. The size 10-12lb (4.5-5.4kg), being the most representative, averaged US$ 5.73/kg.

In the Japanese market, the prices of coho salmon and rainbow trout remained unchanged. The first averaged ¥ 625 (US$ 5.53)/kg, while the second averaged ¥ 735 (US$ 6.05)/kg.