Swedes join offshore project

Swedish firm Ramnäs Bruk has signed contract to supply mooring chain and accessories to SalMar Group’s pilot Ocean Farming concept. 

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The concept aims to allow the next generation fish farm industry to move further offshore and Ramnäs Bruk is very proud to be part of the development, which is meant to be finished in the second half of 2017.

Chain from Ramnäs Bruk will be used in the 8-point mooring system, securing the semisubmersible structure to the seabed. The rig for the fish farm is 68m high and has a diameter of 110m, with a volume of 250,000m3. This permanently moored semi-submersible structure has favourable motion characteristics, based on proven technology developed for optimal fish farming.

The generic design means that the design and operative experiences from this project can be re-used and the target is that an industrial production of this type of offshore fish farms can be started.

“This is a great opportunity for Ramnäs Bruk as a chain manufacturer to take part of the next generation of fish farming with the intention to transfer our knowledge and long experience into a new exciting market,” said Magnus Westher, company MD.