The spot price of Norwegian salmon in 20024 (blue line) and 2023 (grey-green line).

The spot price of Norwegian salmon plummeted last week

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The spot price for Norwegian farmed salmon plunged by NOK 19.48 (£1.44) per kilo to NOK 100.17/kg last week, the second largest one-week drop ever, according to industry statistics provider Akvafakta. The largest drop was from week 18 to week 19 in 2022, when the price fell by NOK 21.50/kg.

The price last week (week 22) was NOK 16.58/kg below the same week last year.

The average salmon price so far this year is NOK 116.09/kg, against a corresponding NOK 108.21/kg last year.

Norway exported 24,268 tonnes (round weight) of salmon last week. That is 15% more than the week before, and 5% more than the same week in 2023.

So far this year, Norway has exported 477,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon, 5.4% less than at the same time a year ago.