Director of communications at Nordlaks, Lars Fredrik Martinussen, during Norwegian Offshore Aquaculture Day 2019. Photo: Harrieth Lundberg

The Havfarm is developing

The first Havfarm begins to take shape in a dry dock in China, and the location of the second one is now in place.

During the Norwegian Offshore Aquaculture Day, Nordlaks presented a summary of the Havfarm-projects.

The presentation was held by Lars Fredrik Martinussen, communications director at Nordlaks. He said that the growth in the industry has been fantastic, but that he did not believe that one could continue the same growth by building traditional facilities, close to the coast.

He also said that the company is working to meet increased competition in the future, including from abroad. This has led the company to focus on development work along the entire value chain.

Transportation next year

The first Havfarm is under construction in China, and at the end of 2019, three "mega blocks" will be welded together in a dock in Yantai. The actual cutting of the steel began one year ago, three years after the development application was submitted in November 2015. In the first quarter of next year, the unit will be transported to Hadsel in Norway, where Nordlaks has booked a cargo vessel, Dockwise Vanguard, to transport the plant.

The first Havfarm is stationary and will be 385 meters long and 59.5 meters wide. The anchorage is in the bow-section, where there will be a group of anchors in a circular formation.

The second Havfarm is now in a design phase. Havfarm 2 is dynamic, which means that the facility can be moved between locations. The second Havfarm will have a length of 304 meters and a width of 63 meters.

Martinussen also told that the company has two well boats under construction in Turkey. The boats will run on battery and gas, which will reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The boats will be put into service next year.