A prototype of Probotic's autonomous net cleaner.

Autonomous net cleaner wins patent

Developer will launch commercial pilot later this year


A company developing an autonomous cleaner for fish farm pen nets and on-land tanks has been granted a patent for the device in Norway.

Probotic said the patent represented a significant milestone for the company.

Chief executive Mikkel Pedersen said: “This patent is just part of the beginning for Probotic, and we have many more exciting developments and news in the pipeline.”

Mikkel Pedersen: Patent is just the beginning.

Probotic’s system combines advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. The company said it has conducted real-world tests of the system during the last eight months in partnership with Ballangen Sjøfarm, which produces around 10,000 tonnes of salmon annually in northern Norway. Probotic added that has made significant improvements to ensure the system can withstand harsh conditions over time.

“We have overcome some of the biggest potential challenges for the system and are now scaling testing also including new fish farmers,” said Pedersen.

“We are also preparing for a commercial pilot later this year, which we hope will enable us to bring our technology to the market and revolutionise how we clean and inspect fish pen nets.”