FlexiLink is Mørenot's patented solution for fish farming mooring. Photo: Mørenot.

Mowi moors without metal in British Columbia

Mowi Canada West has taken delivery of two FlexiLink mooring systems from Norwegian-owned Mørenot Aquaculture.

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The mooring systems, based on a metal-free concept designed to reduce mechanical wear, will be installed off the north of Vancouver Island.

FlexiLink is Mørenot’s patented solution for fish farming mooring. The concept was developed in 2012 through close cooperation with customers and research institutions.

Since its introduction in 2013, no single breach or breakdown has been reported in such a framework, the company claims in a press release. Around 200 FlexiLink systems have been delivered to fish farmers in Norway, Canada and Scotland in the last six years.

The mooring grid is prefabricated at Mørenot and is delivered in containers to the fish farm. Installation is performed from a boat and takes 1-3 hours.

“With a larger delivery to Mowi Canada in British Columbia, we are reaching even further to customers outside of Norway,” said Øyvind Bokn, head of mooring in Mørenot.