From left: MMC First Process chief executive Petter Leon Fauske, Salmon Evolution boss Håkon Andre Berg and MMC's chief sales officer Frank Edvard Vike. Photo: MMC First Process.

Salmon Evolution enhances collaboration with supplier

Fish handling, processing and cooling solutions provider MMC First Process has entered into a collaboration agreement with Salmon Evolution, which is building an on-land fish farm on the island on Indre Harøy in Norway.

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MMC has already been contracted to supply that project and will now work with Salmon Evolution to create the optimal solution for fish logistics at the fish farmer’s future facilities.

“The company will also be an important partner for the future expansion plans for Salmon Evolution. In addition to land-based farming, aquaculture processing is one of the major focus areas for MMC First Process, and an area we see opportunities to collaborate on,” said MMC chief sales officer Frank Edvard Vike in a press release.

A photo from June showing one tank completed and three others in advanced stages. Salmon Evolution plans to stock its first smolts in March. Click on image to enlarge. Photo: Salmon Evolution.

31,500 tonnes

When all phases of the farm on Indrew Harøy are completed in 2027-28, it will employ between 80 and 90 people and produce around 31,500 gutted weight tonnes annually.

“This equates to 150 million meals each year. MMC First Process’ equipment will ensure that our fish are well,” said Salmon Evolution chief executive Håkon Andrè Berg.

MMC chief executive Petter Leon Fauske said: “We have been involved in the project and collaboration on Indre Harøy for several years. The fact that we can think long-term together and have predictability for upcoming deliveries, provides great security for the entire organisation and our subcontractors.”

Exciting projects

Fauske has an eye on the 20,000-tonne K-Smart on-land salmon farm Salmon Evolution is planning in South Korea in conjunction with Dongwon Industries, and other potential projects.

“Deliveries are now being made to the plant on Indre Harøy, but in a little while the newly signed plant in Korea is also waiting, and several exciting projects are expected to come into place,” said Fauske.

Salmon Evolution will use a recirculation / flowthrough system with 65% water re-use to grow its fish.

Earlier this month Salmon Evolution announced that it had acquired family owned smolt producer Kraft Laks AS, which has an annual production of around 1.8 million smolts but is licensed to produce up to 5 million smolts annually, subject to certain conditions.

Salmon Evolution said it had identified significant expansion opportunities which would cover its smolt needs for at least phase 2 at Indre Harøy. It plans its first smolt release in Phase 1 at Indre Harøy in March next year.