An image from a video on the new MarinTrust website.

MarinTrust launches upgraded website

Marine ingredients certification programme MarinTrust has launched an updated, bilingual website in English and Spanish, designed to help stakeholders understand its work, requirements, and impacts.

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New features on the website include additional resources and a re-structured layout to help visitors easily navigate the site and find the resources they need, depending upon their profiles.

Chief executive Francisco Aldon said: “We expect this new website to significantly increase the ability of MarinTrust to engage with its partners and stakeholders and advance the awareness of responsible sourcing and production of marine ingredients in the value chain.”

Brand hub

Certificate holders and applicants can now access a “brand hub” featuring logo guidelines and recognition agreements by third parties, as well as a “resource centre” with all procedures and lists of certified and accepted sites. A quick link leads them to an explainer page on how to get certified.

Stakeholders from within the marine ingredients value chain may now better visualise how the programme is structured, with its three pillars: the main standard, the chain of custody standard and the Improver Programme. They can easily consult the list of certified and accepted sites as well as case studies highlighting the impact that the Improver Programme is having on fisheries in Panama, the Gulf of Thailand and Mauritania.