An illustration of the farm Utror plans for Trænabanken, the most northerly of three areas that Norway's Directorate of Fisheries has chosen as potential sites for offshore salmon farming.

Offshore salmon farm concept unveiled


Utror, a Norwegian company planning an offshore salmon farm in the Trænabanken sea area at the far end of the Helgeland coast in Nordland, has shared the first image of its enclosure.

The offshore cage is 300 metres long, 55 metres wide and has a freeboard during normal operation of 20 metres.

“It's big, but far from the biggest, and that doesn’t matter to us. The observant may also see that there are no nets in the surface either? Here, the salmon will be produced submerged, away from the worst wave forces and down to where there are few lice. At full operation, the company will put in 2.4 million small salmon of approximately half a kilo in each unit, and then we hope to start slaughtering in 2029,” reports the company, which is majority-owned by salmon farmer Lovundlaks.

Utror will review the operating philosophy on which the project and technology are based at the AquaNext event taking place this week in Stavanger.