Trade show attendees check out the Scotland Pavilion at Seafood Expo Global last year. Steelhead producer Kames will exhibit at the event for the first time this year.

Kames primed to shout about trout

Scottish steelhead farmer makes its debut at world’s biggest seafood trade event this week


When Scotland’s salmon farmers promote their produce at Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona this week, there’ll be a new name – and a new fish – at the Scotland Pavilion.

Kames Fish Farming is expanding production of its own strain of steelhead (seagoing rainbow trout) from around 3,000 to 6,000 tonnes and is looking for a larger customer base as a result.

“It’s the first time we will have had a booth at Barcelona. In the last year we’ve been working to raise the profile of Kames and steelhead trout, and it’s a real opportunity to cast the net a little bit wider,” Kames managing director Neil Manchester told Fish Farming Expert magazine.

“We have expansion plans and our presence at Barcelona is all about identifying targets for filling up that sales funnel so that as we expand, we can reach out to whichever markets are most suitable.

Neil Manchester: Barcelona is all about identifying targets for filling up that sales funnel.

“About 20% of our production is exported to Europe and the United States but there are some pretty big markets out there that we may want to explore at a later date.”

Shellfish farmers

The Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group, a co-operative of 19 shellfish farmers and the supplier of more than 85% of Scottish farmed mussel production, is also making its debut at Seafood Expo Global, which starts tomorrow and will be the biggest ever edition of the event.

Almost all of Scotland’s salmon farmers will be represented in Barcelona, either on their own stands in the Scotland Pavilion, or within the stands of their parent companies.

This year’s event also offers a broad conference programme.

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