Kingfish Maine's planned RAS yellowtail facility has been approved.
Kingfish Maine's planned RAS yellowtail facility has been approved.

Last piece in the jigsaw for Kingfish Maine

Planners give fish farmer the green light for 8,500-tonne RAS facility in US state


Yellowtail kingfish farmer The Kingfish Company has won planning permission to build a new recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility in the United States, it announced today.

The Netherlands-based company said the town of Jonesport, Maine, had approved the building permit application by its US subsidiary, Kingfish Maine.

“With the Kingfish Maine project fully permitted by state and federal regulatory agencies, this local building permit is the final step required for Kingfish to begin pre-construction design and engineering on its new facility in the US,” said The Kingfish Co.

Replicating EU success

The town of Jonesport is now drafting its findings of fact and the Planning Board is expected to formally adopt and sign the building permit in early November.

Once the Jonesport facility is fully operational, Kingfish Maine will be the largest producer of yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) in the US, the company said.

“With the final approval of our Jonesport building permit, we look forward to replicating our EU success in the US with local production of high value yellowtail,” said the company’s founder and chief executive, Ohad Maiman.

Town's support

“The Jonesport community has supported our project from day one and our commitment to the town has never wavered. We value our continuing partnership with the town as we build out our sustainable land-based technology in the US.”

The Kingfish Company is currently expanding production capacity at its RAS facility in Zeeland, Netherlands to 3,500 tonnes. Phase one of the Kingfish Maine’s facility will have a capacity of 8,500 tonnes per year.