Per-Roar Gjerde has announced his resignation from Mowi's management team
Per-Roar Gjerde has announced his resignation from Mowi's management team

Top Mowi man Per-Roar Gjerde resigns

One of Mowi’s most senior leaders has announced his resignation, the company revealed today.


Per-Roar Gjerde, who was promoted just over six months ago, will stand down as chief operating officer of Farming Americas and the Faroes.

He will continue in his position until a replacement is appointed, or until December 31, 2020, at the latest.

In December last year, Gjerde was made COO of Farming Americas and the Faroes, and interim COO of Farming Norway, in the first management shake-up by new CEO Ivan Vindheim.

Important region

In June, Øyvind Oaland, Mowi’s chief technology officer, took over from Gjerde as COO of Farming Norway, the company’s most important region.

In another top-level development at Mowi, long serving boss Alf-Helge Aarskog, who resigned last November, returned to the group in June when he was elected on to the board of directors and made vice-chairman.

Gjerde has been with Mowi for almost 20 years and has been MD of Region West, MD of Chile, COO of Farming Norway and Chile, and COO of Global Farming. He has also previously lived in Chile when he was MD of Chile.

Vindheim’s management restructuring, which came into effect in January, saw Mowi divide its global farming division into three regions: Farming Norway; Farming Scotland and Ireland; and Farming Americas and the Faroes (Chile, Canada and the Faroes).

Ben Hadfield, managing director of Mowi Scotland, was appointed head of Scotland and Ireland, while his previous role as head of Mowi Feed went to Atle Kvist.