Professor Jimmy Turnbull of the Institute of Aquaculture - employees can 'bolster their knowledge'
Professor Jimmy Turnbull of the Institute of Aquaculture - employees can 'bolster their knowledge'

‘Unique’ training tool supports better fish care

An online training tool has been developed to help aquaculture professionals improve fish health and welfare.


Created by MSD Animal Health and Jimmy Turnbull, Professor of Aquatic Animal Health and Welfare at Stirling University’s Institute of Aquaculture, Aquacare 365 will support the training and education of aquaculture staff.

Turnbull, who developed the content within the e-learning tool, launched at Aquaculture UK in Aviemore, said: ‘Aquacare 365 contains training modules which help users understand the science which underpins fish health and welfare.

‘The platform allows those working in the sector to bolster their knowledge by completing a series of online sessions on fish husbandry and welfare.’

Video footage with accompanying audio, documents and self-assessments are all features of the platform and certificates are available on completion of each module. Employers can track employee progress and allocate specific modules to users.


‘The platform is also a tool for students and young professionals who are pursuing a career in aquaculture,’ added Turnbull.

‘The video footage is really unique and will offer students a visual representation of something which would otherwise be difficult to understand through verbal description.

‘People working in the aquaculture sector want to exercise the best care of the fish. However, they need to be given the correct tools to do so, and adequate training is at the forefront of achieving this.’

MSD’s Rebecca Rivara said: ‘We’ve worked closely with stakeholders to identify the key training needs of the sector and also completed peer reviews to ensure the content is beneficial for the end user.

‘The ability to mix and match the learning modules allows employers to provide bespoke training to their staff as well as offer refresher training where required.’