With HyFlow, the goal is to provide robust feed solutions in both RAS and flow-through plants. Within a short time, the solution will be integrated into Pure Salmon Technology's digital platform, Njord.

Pure Salmon Technology buys waterborne feeder for RAS


Land-based fish farming systems supplier Pure Salmon Technology has acquired the HyFlow waterborne feed technology developed by Danish aquaculture technology company Graintec. The purchase includes design, patents and intellectual property rights, Pure Salmon Technology said in a press release.

The acquisition is a key step to delivering competitive, innovative, and sustainable feed solutions for both RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) and flow-through facilities, said the company.

The design will seamlessly integrate into Pure Salmon Technology’s digital platform, Njord.

Pure Salmon Technology’s chief executive Kent Kongsdal Rasmussen said: “This acquisition aligns well with our feed offerings, where our in-house dry feed solution plays a vital role. Alongside the water based HyFlow solution, we can now offer the strongest range of feed solutions in the market to our customers.

“Pure Salmon Technology has undergone rapid development in a short period of time, and this development continues, focusing, among other things, on technologies and solutions that complement our core business, namely RAS design.”

Gentle delivery

The HyFlow concept is based on waterborne transport and dosing of fish feed in RAS. Water from the recirculating system is directed to the HyFlow unit, where an accurate amount of feed pellets is dosed into the water flow. This ensures precise feeding. The feed is gently transported through pipe systems to fish tanks, and additionally, the feed can be delivered on the surface or underwater.

Pure Salmon Technology said that by delivering efficiency in the feeding process, HyFlow has a direct impact on fish welfare, operating costs, and sustainability.

The company has also hired Leif Grønbæk Holm, who brings expertise from Graintec. Holm specialises in aquaculture feed processing, gentle handling of aqua feed, and the development of waterborne feeding systems like HyFlow.

Unique opportunity

He will lead the process of integrating the new technology at Pure Salmon Technology, focusing on optimising and advancing the concept to enable the company to provide tailored and optimal solutions for its clients.

“This is a unique opportunity to strengthen the focus on feed delivery within RAS facilities and optimise the feeding process, a substantial part of fish farming. It also allows for further development of HyFlow-based feeding solutions for both new and existing installations,” said Holm.

Pure Salmon Technology is part of the Pure Salmon group owned by investment fund 8F Aquaculture, which is intending to produce more than 260,000 tonnes of salmon annually in RAS built close to major population centres around the world. Pure Salmon Technology’s subsidiaries – Pure Salmon Kaldnes (in Norway) and Pure Salmon Kaldnes RAS (in Denmark) - are established suppliers of RAS smolt systems.