From left: Jens Jensen, business developer, Graintec; Michael Mortensen, CEO, Graintec; David Hampton, CEO, ImpactMarine.

Companies team up for RAS fish farm projects

Danish feed and on-land aquaculture technology supplier Graintec and Swiss company ImpactMarine have agreed to work together to develop and deliver at least four recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facilities in new markets.

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Graintec has built two aqua feed factories and delivered feeding solutions to the commercial aquaculture industry for more than 20 years and is now aiming to be a leading global supplier of land-based fish farming based on RAS technology.

ImpactMarine is developing a portfolio of controlled-environment aquaculture facilities using RAS technology to produce a variety of species in important, but distinct markets.

Salmon and seabass

It is currently actively developing salmon and seabass sites in the eastern Mediterranean, Oceania and Southern Africa and intends to have a portfolio of at least four highly sustainable, operating RAS facilities within five years.

The company belongs to ImpactAgri AG, which develops and finances agribusinesses across sub-Saharan Africa. ImpactAgri’s business model is designed to produce commercial returns while delivering transformative environmental and social impacts.

In a press release, Graintec and ImpactMarine said their strategic cooperation agreement will provide Graintec with early mover access to new markets for RAS and a partner for the joint development, testing and deployment of future technologies, as well as a committed pipeline of projects. ImpactMarine will benefit from the committed access to design and development resource for future projects, as well as access to new aquaculture developments and shorter development lead times.

An ambitious plan

Graintec chief executive Michael Mortensen said: “We are very excited to partner with ImpactMarine. They have an ambitious plan and a business model with a fantastic ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) proposition.”

David Hampton, chief executive of ImpactMarine, said: “The strategic cooperation agreement with Graintec is an important step in the development of ImpactMarine.

“Having a long-term agreement with Graintec provides ImpactMarine with access to industry leading expertise in RAS and will also ensure that we are able not only to deliver our immediate plans but also that both we and Graintec are recognised as leaders of the blue revolution over the coming years.”