Smolts swim in Gigante Salmon's nursery pool after delivery.

Gigante Salmon puts figure on smolt loss

20,000 fish died in transport out of 640,000 in land-based farmer's first batches


Land-based fish farmer Gigante Salmon, which this week reported significant mortalities linked to the delivery and stocking of 640,000 smolts for its first stocking, has given more information about the issue.

In a market announcement, Gigante Salmon said the extent of the mortality was now clear, with 20,000 dead fish registered, mainly related to the second delivery.

“The fish was dead on arrival to the facility, and the cause is being mapped by our fish health service partner,” said the company, which is using a flow-through system in pools excavated into the bedrock of a small island in Rødøy municipality, Norway.

3% mortality

The overall mortality after first release is approximately 3%, while the second of the two deliveries had a mortality of approximately 6%.

The situation is under control, and the Rødøy facility is working as planned, said Gigante.

“All mortality, regardless of the number, is undesirable. Our job is to ensure the fish has a good life, and it feels good to report that the situation we experienced after the second delivery is now clarified and under control,” said chief executive Helge E W Albertsen.