One of Jamies Gaskill’s first responsibilities will be to formulate a business plan for Marine Harvest Canada's new east coast region.

H2O2 proves popular in BC

With an integrated pest management strategy in mind, Marine Harvest Canada has applied for the use of Paramove (hydrogen peroxide) at additional farm sites in BC.

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Marine Harvest Canada has announced that the company is applying for use of hydrogen peroxide (Interox Paramove 50) at its Port Hardy area farm sites. In accordance with the application process, MHC published maps of intended use on its website.

Although in use in Atlantic Canada since 2010, hydrogen peroxide has only recently been permitted for use in BC. Applied as a diluted bath (< 0.2% solution), the treatment efficiently removes attached sea lice and rapidly degrades into water and oxygen.

Paramove 50 had been used successfully at MHC’s Klemtu and Quatsino Sound operating areas. Single treatments have safely removed 95 per cent of sea lice on the company's farm-raised salmon, and provides an excellent additional tool for the management of parasitic sea lice.

The use of Paramove 50 will enable MHC to continue its successful management of sea lice on its fish and reduce its use of emamectin benzoate (SLICE) - the only effective treatment available to BC salmon farmers for the past 14 years. However, strict 3rd party salmon certification standards press for a continued reduction of SLICE use over time, so the company is seeking to have another option for sea lice management.