The Girlsta hatchery building was not damaged by the fire.
The Girlsta hatchery building was not damaged by the fire.

Grieg Shetland probes blaze that killed 200,000 parr

Grieg Seafood Shetland is investigating the cause of a fire that caused the deaths of 200,000 parr at its Girlsta hatchery earlier this week. The fish had an average weight of 40 grams.


Grieg said the fire started in the oxygen delivery system in the parr unit. All emergency protocols were followed and the Shetland Fire Brigade quickly extinguished the fire upon arrival.

“Most importantly, no employees got hurt during this incident,” said Grieg Seafood Shetland managing director Grant Cummings.

Prompt action

“Staff did exactly what they were trained to do in such events, which minimised the impact of the fire.

“I want to thank the team at Girlsta for their prompt action and problem solving which have minimised the scale of the incident. I also want to thank the Shetland Fire Brigade and our engineering supplier Ocean Kinetics for responding so quickly. We will go through all aspects of the incident to prevent it from happening again.”

Grieg said the rest of the 3 million fish in the hatchery were saved and production is ongoing as normal.

Part of the equipment in the parr unit was damaged, but the building as well as the egg, fry and smolt units were not impacted and the blaze will not affect planned smolt output.